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Dr. Bella Brover

Bella  Brover

Bella Brover is a Senior Research Associate at the Musicology Department, Hebrew University. Her principal research interests include eighteenth-century music; the epistemology of tonality and harmonic-tonal theories, Russian music, and Wagner.

She is an author of Tonal Space in the Music of Antonio Vivaldi (Indiana University Press, 2008) and of numerous articles in international scholarly journals and volumes.

Brover-Lubovsky is a recipient of international awards and grants, including the Thurnau Award (Bayreuth University), research grants from the Israel Science Foundation, Italian Academy for Advanced Studies in America (Columbia University), Vittore Branca Center for the Study of Italian Culture (Giorgio Cini Foundation, Venice). Her recent research project “Giuseppe Sarti: a cosmopolitan composer in pre-revolutionary Europe” (in collaboration with Professors Christine Siegert and Dörte Schmidt, Universität der Künste, Berlin) is sponsored by the Einstein Foundation. She has been serving the Israel Musicological Society Chair in 2008-2011.

Brover-Lubovsky teaches the history of Western music: Classical and Romantic periods (nos. 23351, 23352) and Species Counterpoint 23103).